1. What is detaching?

  • Thatch is a build-up of organic matter which can include dead grass, leaves, stems, stolons, rhizomes and overcrowded grass roots and lateral weed growth. Thatch can stifle the growth and health of grass or turf. Removing the thatch helps the grass by encouraging it to thicken up and also makes it stronger and less susceptible to disease. Reducing thatch levels increases the levels of water, air and nutrients that can get through to the root zone of the grass plants. Significant thatch problems in lawns can cause diseases and can encourage moss to grow in the areas where grass has died.
  • A by-product of scarifying or dethatching is that moss is also removed, and depending on how deep the scarifying blades are set, root cutting can also occur, and this in turn helps grass to thicken up over time. Scarifying is normally carried out in autumn or spring. When scarifying or de-thatching, not all thatch should be removed as a small amount of thatch is beneficial to the lawn. A lawn that has excessive thatch may feel spongy when trod upon. After removing thatch, it can be swept or raked up using a lawn sweeper.
  • Thatch can keep water and air from reaching the soil and, if left untreated, can create an environment that harbors pests and diseases. Dethatching removes those layers of dead grass, roots and debris matted between the soil and the growing grass, keeping the grass greener and healthier while minimizing the chance of disease.




2. Do you guarantee your trees and shrubs?

At Silk Route Gardens, all of our trees and shrubs are guaranteed with a maintenance plan up to 1 year from the date of installation.  Transplanted materials are not guaranteed.


3. How often do you rotate plants in a containers?

Rotation depends on individual preference and needs. We usually service them 4 times per calendar year: spring flowers, summer flowers, fall flowers, and winter decoration.


4. Do you provide free Landscape design?

Unfortunately we do not provide complimentary design services at the moment. However, if you are interested, we can certainly offer a customized free quote for your project, based on the scope of the work involved.


5. How often do you service garden beds?

We service garden beds on a weekly, biweekly or as-needed basis.